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Sentencing Records for Effective Information Management

Proper sentencing occurs when documents are correctly identified and classified, and have the correct disposal date attached to them. Whether records are hard copy or in a digital format, correct identification, classification and scheduling is important in identifying the value of those records and when, if ever, they can be disposed of.

Identification and classification requires the appropriate assigning of metadata to documents which are then entered into a Demand Response Management System (DRMS) which makes them available for search and retrieval.

The process of sentencing records is an effective way to manage records from their point of creation throughout their entire lifecycle. The determination to destroy records, must only be carried out once records reach the end of their active life via agreed predetermined measures.

Meet Legal Requirements

Compliance with legislation is one of the main reasons businesses and organisations sentence their documents. There are varied laws governing the retention of documents at all levels of government. Every organisation needs to be transparent, compliant with retention, and must utilise the correct disposal measures.

Sentencing on creation or receipt of a document immediately eliminates the need to manually decide the fate of each document later in its lifecycle.

Reduce Storage Needs with Sentencing

Sentencing records and documents makes it easier to dispose of them properly, thus reducing the storage volume required. The fewer documents stored by a business lessens the costs and increases efficiency. Disposing of documents in a timely manner makes the retrieval of valuable information more effective.

Training and knowledge are required to effectively implement sentencing. In order for information to be properly and effectively sentenced, it needs to be done at the beginning of a record’s lifespan. This ensures records are not destroyed prematurely or stored for longer than needed.

Don’t waste the time of your in-house team having them complete your sentencing. Instead, choose Grace. Grace’s Information Management division is armed with the required skills and expertise to effectively sentence documents.

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