Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Bespoke information management solutions for your business

For information management to be effective, it needs to meet your unique needs, integrate with current systems and be user friendly. Regardless of your business sector or industry, a strong information management solution will benefit your organisation. 

From managing open shelf file storage in the healthcare industry, to storing records and meeting compliance requirements in the government and finance industries, Grace can tailor a customisable suite of solutions that incorporates storage, scanning, digital transformation, electronic business process improvements and meet your special needs and requirements.

Industry Solutions


Patient welfare is the number one priority for healthcare organisations, and information management has a role to play. Confidentiality remains a priority for the health sector as keeping patient records safe and secure has both compliance and ethical repercussions.

Industry Solutions


While paper-based systems may seem practical within the construction sector, it still possesses risks. From impractical filing processes and misplaced records to the subsequent need to recreate what has been lost, paper records are notalways easier.

Industry Solutions


The Digital Continuity 2020 Policy provides a framework for the Australian Government regarding digitisation and the future of their records management processes.

Industry Solutions


Efficient production requires a clear information workflow, and agile companies are more capable of optimising their operations, monitoring their compliance obligations and planning for future challenges.

Industry Solutions


In an on-demand financial world, having instant and secure access to information can mean the difference between closing a deal and losing it.

Industry Solutions


Legal professionals manage large amounts of confidential client data every day, working within strict privacy laws to ensure information is effectively protected. The information management practices of law firms are vital to ensure client confidentiality.

Industry Solutions
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