If you’re moving away for an extended period or you’ve got too much clutter in the house, consider storage. At Grace, we provide reliable and customised storage solutions for all your household effects. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of storing your extra items with Grace, secure in the knowledge that your items will be protected — and accessible to you — for the entire duration of their stay at our secure facilities.

Storage Services

Household storage

Storage that comes to you.

We take just as much care with your stored items as we do with those we move. All items are carefully catalogued and securely labelled, so should you need particular items, these can be located and delivered directly to your home or to a different address anywhere in Australia or overseas.

Speciality storage

Modularised storage
Our clean and secure facilities contain purpose-built storage modules that are protected by state-of-the-art security systems and effective pest control for peace of mind.
Climate-controlled storage
Grace offers temperature and humidity controlled storage vaults for valuable artwork, artefacts and precious archival materials at more than 20 locations throughout Australia
Mobile self-storage
We offer innovative, cost effective home and business mobile self storage solutions to customers in the Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan areas via our Smartbox mobile storage solution.

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