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Taking the plunge to relocate overseas is both an exciting and daunting prospect. When it comes to moving internationally, there are a lot of unknowns.
Our International Removals Consultants take the uncertainty out of your overseas relocation and lighten your logistics load by managing the process from pack to unpack. With over 40 branches across Australia and New Zealand as well as a large network of global partners, Grace have got you covered in all corners of the world.


What to pack

There’s a lot at play in an international move and some of the biggest decisions you’ll make are deciding what to take with you. A lot of those decisions depend on where you’re moving to and the climate, culture, quarantine and logistic challenges of your destination. When all you do is pack, you start to get pretty good at answering some of the difficult questions and finding sensible solutions. Our moving team provide a comprehensive packing service, helping you organise, sort, store and pack your most treasured belongings. We’ve been moving houses for more than 100 years and we understand the practical challenges that come with moving overseas and that’s why we use our expertise to make you feel at home.


How to pack

Packing for an international move involves a lot more thought and preparation than packing for shifting locally. Your goods will be in transit longer and will go through different conditions and climates so packing to withstand the journey and the elements is crucial. Our professional packing team use protective materials like shock resistant poly bubble wrapping and made-to-measure crates for art, antiques and pianos. There’s already enough to keep track of when moving internationally – let our moving team put together a complete inventory of all your packed items so you know can get busy planning at the other end.


Relocation services

When it comes to life’s big changes, sometimes it’s nice to have a helping hand. Our Grace Relocation Service helps you navigate the logistic hurdles so you can get settled. Our 100 years of know-how and extensive network of international partners helps us, help you settle faster. We can even assist you in finding a school, organising a rental property, arranging transit insurance and even getting you up to speed with the cultural norms of your new country.


Destination services

At Grace, we’re not just concerned with getting your belongings from A to B, we’re here to help you get settled. Operating in 120 countries, Grace Mobility Specialists have got the world covered from Australia to Zimbabwe. Think of Grace as your go-to destination partner; helping you organise your flights, arranging for someone to greet you at the airport, finding you temporary accommodation and a rental car, putting together schooling options and a welcome pack for you. We don’t just move things, we move people.