Grace Digital Office

Grace Digital Office

Grace Digital Office, powered by ELO, is a suite of solutions that helps you build the foundation for growing your business.

Fast search functions, multiple tools for collaboration, and a range of different clients and mobile apps all deployed within our secure cloud-hosted data centre. To provide this suite of services Grace partners with best of breed technologies and partners, including ELO Digital Office, one of the world’s most successful Document Management and Records Management developers. Together, we have integrated the ELO product suite into our solution ensuring a seamless experience for our customers. The strong Grace and ELO partnership provides our customers with the benefit of world-leading technologies with Australian expertise.

Grace Digital Office - Business Solutions powered by ELO

GDO Enhanced Scan on Demand

Storing your records with Grace, gives you access to our Enhanced Scan On Demand Service, combining the effective document management you know with our digitisation services. This long term, cost effective solution supports your ongoing transition to digital information management, reducing recurring physical archiving costs while providing faster access to critical information as you need it. A digital file retrieval service is a faster, more efficient and more sustainable method of requesting your files stored off-site with Grace.

GDO Digital Mailroom

The Digital Mailroom’s strength comes from its capacity to validate data in the incoming mail items and correspondence to your different systems (Name, Address, Property Register, Rates Modules, etc) and enrich the information received with relevant metadata. Using AI, as mail items are entered into the solution, the system remembers for next time the same item is received. The data extracted is then formatted according to your business rules are then exported into Grace Digital Office automatically.

GDO HR Personnel File

GDO’s digital HR Personnel File powered by ELO, provides secure storage of employee records with completely controllable access. GDO HR Personnel File allows you to create and store electronic personnel files in a centralised and secure location, providing an all in one tool to capture employee data, kick off HR processes and monitor important dates. Data protection and regulatory compliance is ensured through leading encryption technology and a permissions based system.

GDO HR Recruitment

GDO HR Recruitment offers you professional support in streamlining your recruitment processes. You can simply and effectively report staffing requirements, accept applications, and conveniently store candidate information in your master HR system or GDO’s HR Personnel File. Our platform, powered by ELO, ensures you meet the latest data privacy requirements as set out in the Australian Data Privacy Act, with an automated delete functionality combined with a user-dependent permissions concept, privacy breaches become a thing of the past.

GDO Invoice Management

Effective invoice management is complicated when invoices are delivered to different people in different departments, sometimes in different locations. GDO Digital Invoice Management powered by ELO successfully minimises the time wasted by employees processing payments, while also reducing the overall risk, costs and complexity of the process. Invoice and receipts are automatically captured, classified and passed on to the correct employee in the workflow, giving you better control over your accounts payable cycle and ensuring invoices aren’t forgotten.

GDO Contract Management

GDO Contract Management powered by ELO lets you manage and monitor all types of contracts throughout their entire life cycle. GDO Contract Management is a field-tested solution that offers you an efficient and secure way to manage all your contractual documents. Relevant information and documents are easily accessible in a central location in the GDO repository. The GDO workflows automate and unite processes in a single system, improving interdepartmental collaboration and optimising productivity.

GDO Records Management

GDO’s Records Management solution, powered by ELO, was specifically designed for small and medium sized public, private and Government organisations, providing more than just Records Management compliance. Our base package offers everything your business needs to be efficient, productive and compliant with all Australian Federal and State records regulations. Together with our customers and partners we have created a fast to deploy system that combines Records Management requirements with Document and Workflow Management out of the box.

GDO Visitor Management

GDO is a smarter way to welcome guests and manage their data, ensuring your front desk creates a winning first impression. The GDO, powered by ELO, optimises your visitor management process, providing a positive and professional guest experience, from the creation of custom visitor badges to personalised welcome screens. You can take full control of visitor access and processes, managing and analysing visitor data in a timely manner to best track who is coming and going from your building.

GDO Knowledge Management

GDO Knowledge Management, powered by ELO, is your central information resource. Having access to information in a timely and effective manner is vital to successful business operations. Employees require the appropriate tools to access relevant data and share ideas, which is why knowledge management with GDO is so much more than just collecting documents and managing information. GDO Knowledge Management integrates data into a central location, breaking down in-house data silos to ensure information is accessible and a knowledge repository is established.

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Grace Digital Office
Grace Digital Office
Grace Digital Office
Grace Digital Office
Grace Digital Office

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