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Registrations are now open for What Lies Ahead in Information Management and Governance – a conference designed to help raise awareness about the importance of good information management practices.

The forum, hosted by the ARK Group, will take place on 25 and 26 June in Melbourne, and will cover the following topics:

  • Identifying the roles, processes and technology for information governance
  • Instigating a whole-of-enterprise strategy for data and information
  • Mitigating risks of cloud service adoption
  • Enabling business innovation through modern information governance
  • Designing information architecture to transform document management
  • Understanding the challenging information and records management environment.

According to ARK Group, the conference was developed to address some of today’s rapidly changing technologies and their effect on the enterprise information management industry.

“The emergence of new technologies such as; social media, big data and cloud is a key challenge to information management, governance and security,” says the forum website.

“Effective information management needs an organisation-wide support and culture for good information practices that stem from a clearly defined strategy, seamless integration with business processes and good communication between business and IT.”

Attendees will hear case studies from a number of leading organisations including Cochlear Limited and Shell Company of Australia, as well as a presentation covering what an enterprise content management system must look like in 2050.

At Grace Information Management (GIM), we encourage you to look to the future of information governance and consider the effect new technologies will have on your business.

If you require a holistic approach to managing your organisation’s information, we can provide the systems, processes and technologies to digitise documents from any medium, for on-demand access from any location, at any time.

But we don’t do this in isolation; we consult with you to ensure information management is given the importance it deserves in your organisation.

Our trained GIM specialists will guide you through every step of the digital conversion process, while the Grace Data Centre provides an offsite, ultra secure repository for storing and managing big data.

So don’t let your business put off information management any longer; contact GIM today and find out how you can make the first steps towards information governance today and in the future.