Digital information management

The digital age has already begun, but many Australian businesses and organisations are yet to make the switch from paper-based records management to digital information management. There are many benefits to going digital and these will continue growing as the digital age continues to rapidly expand into all parts of the industry.

  1. More floor space
    Physical records take up valuable floor space, especially when you’re sacrificing your own office space to store them. Digitising these records would free up room you can use to help run your day-to-day business activity. If you need to retain physical copies, consider outsourcing the storage of your paper-based records to a reliable information management company. Grace provides secure warehouse storage and on-demand digitisation of the records you need.
  2. Cost effectiveness
    Not only do physical archives take up valuable floor space, limiting the business you can conduct onsite, paying to store them offsite also costs money. To reduce the amount of money your business spends on storing physical records or loses on loss of usable floor space, digitise your information.
  3. Ease of management
    Digital information is easier to manage as it is accessible from any location via a number of devices. This makes it easy for teams to collaborate and interact over a particular file or document. The digitisation of records also makes retrieval times and approval processes more streamlined and faster.
  4. Customisation 
    Digital information management process are easily customised and can be integrated into any of your existing workflow processes. This makes it easier for those who are already familiar with existing processes to access records and maintain a systematic approach to information management.
  5. Environmental impact
    Many organisations and businesses are more aware of their environmental impact. Digital information management causes less damage to the environment as paper waste is limited.

When you’re ready to digitise your information management, call in the experts at Grace. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, we’ve stayed ahead of the digital game to provide bespoke digital information management solutions to your business. Speak to us today about the process and start your journey to effective and successful information management.