Climate controlled storage

Climate controlled storage

Climate Controlled Vault Storage

Wherever you’re based, Grace facilities provide you with secure, climate-controlled and monitored vault storage for memorabilia, fine art, archival material and other items requiring higher security or with sensitive storage requirements.

Our insulated climate vaults feature temperature and humidity control at 21 Degrees Celcius and 50% relative humidity. Access is restricted to selected Grace staff on a needs-only basis and is strictly controlled via security doors, CCTV recording and the use of proximity cards. Items placed into climate controlled storage are tracked with unique barcodes, so we always know where to find your valuable items when its time to for inspection or retrieval.

Climate controlled storage

Monitored climate control at every stage

Grace has the largest network of climate and humidity-controlled warehousing within Australia, with more than 20 dedicated vaults and 40 branches. Our climate controlled warehouses are monitored and recorded for adherence to temperature and humidity with monitored alarm activations in the event of tolerances being breached.

Climate controlled storage

Bar coded location tracking

We track everything with unique barcodes, so we always know where to find what you need. We also use an O’Neils’ based bespoke application — the most sophisticated commercial object management software available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Storage insurance is an extension of transit insurance cover. It protects against damage and/or loss during the period the goods are in storage. Just as you need to protect your belongings from loss whilst they are in your home, you also need to protect them throughout the moving and storage process. Whilst Grace will take the utmost care of your effects, there are circumstances outside of our control that may put your belongings at risk. For further information, please refer to our Product Disclosure Statement which you can download from our insurance page.

Your storage can accessed during business hours upon request and subject to reasonable notice. We recommend to notify the relevant Grace branch of your intention to view or retrieve items from your storage at least 2 days prior. Unstowing and retrieval charges may be applicable.

Paintings and framed works are stored upright within storage painting racks in our climate controlled storage vaults.

Yes, 3-dimensional artworks such as sculptures are able to be safely stored within our climate storage vaults. They are generally secured to a wooden pallet base and stored within pallet racking inside our climate vaults.

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