Celebrating National Museum Day with Grace

National Museum Day

In honour of National Museum Day, Grace is taking a moment to reflect on the collaborations with curators from major art galleries and museums across Australia and the world. Our Grace staff often have the privilege of working alongside dedicated professionals, helping to safely transport priceless pieces of art and artefacts to exhibitions and collections around the globe. It’s been an incredible experience, and Grace is proud to have played a small part in bringing these works of art to new audiences. Grace looks forward to continuing these important partnerships in the future and contributing to the preservation and promotion of art and cultural heritage.

Celebrating National Museum Day with Grace

Dying Cleopatra takes reign in Sydney

In the awe-inspiring world of art and architecture, every once in a while, a project comes along that pushes the boundaries of what we thought was possible. Last year, amidst the hustle and bustle of the art world, a remarkable achievement took place that left many in awe. Grace Fine Art took on the daunting task of relocating a colossal 2.5 tonne sculpture all the way from England to Sydney, Australia. What made this endeavor even more extraordinary was the fact that the sculpture had to be installed on the second story of the client’s home. With meticulous planning and unparalleled expertise, Grace Fine Art executed the relocation flawlessly, using a custom gurney system to lift the priceless work of art onto the second level of the house. This monumental engineering achievement not only showcased the incredible skill of the Grace Fine Art team, but also demonstrated the immense possibilities when creativity meets technical expertise.

Celebrating National Museum Day with Grace

Relocating 1.4 million specimens to the National Herbarium

An achievement that finished six weeks earlier than scheduled, Grace Workplace Solutions transported 865 specimen boxes per day from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney City to the new National Herbarium of New South Wales facility in Mount Annan, a 59km trip one way.

To ensure the safe and secure transport of over 1.4 million botanical specimens, an integrated system for object tracking and accountability was established. This system allowed the relocation process to be closely monitored and tracked at all times, ensuring the specimens remained in excellent condition throughout the journey.

This achievement demonstrates the importance of careful planning and attention to detail when it comes to transporting delicate specimens. Although not your standard museum, the success of this project ensured that millions of specimens were safely transported to their new home for ongoing archiving and preservation.

Celebrating National Museum Day with Grace

Going for Gold at the City of Melbourne Art & Heritage Collection

Grace had the privilege of overseeing the relocation, storage, and re-installation of the City of Melbourne Heritage Collection from the old address on Little Bourke St, Melbourne. This remarkable collection included three trophies from the 1956 Summer Olympics and various other memorabilia related to the Melbourne Olympics. The project commenced in May 2022 and concluded in October 2022.

Eddie Butler-Bowen, the Program Manager for Art & Heritage Collection at the City of Melbourne, personally contacted Patrick Epstein, Business Manager of Grace Fine Art, based on a recommendation from another local government client. It is worth noting that this old Lil Bourke Street location has since been transformed into emergency accommodation for the homeless.

For temporary storage, the collection was initially relocated to the Grace Fine Art facility in Mount Waverley. Subsequently, a portion of the collection, mainly consisting of furniture items, was transported and installed at a council storage facility in Port Melbourne.

The remaining items were then transported and installed at the new City of Melbourne Art & Heritage Collection on the fourth level of the Melbourne Town Hall. This complex task involved overseeing the construction and installation of shelving and display units. Once the display units were ready, the GFA specialist art handlers diligently delivered, unpacked, and installed the museum objects over a period of three weeks.

With over 100 years of experience moving and storing fine art climate controlled boxes, quality fine art storage units, 24/7 surveillance, and electronic inventory and tracking, you can be rest assured Grace will deliver your works of art, no matter how small or large professionally and with ease.


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