Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

The future is digital

Today, the digital nature of our businesses and how we interact has seen Grace innovate across the spectrum of services we provide. Our long-standing customers who have traditionally had a reliance on storage of paper records and manual processes seek guidance to adopt a plan that will see them transition to digital at their own pace.

Digital Mailroom solutions

Our Digital Mailroom solution, allows you to manage and automate the classification of incoming documents and correspondence (paper and emails) without pre-sorting and automatically capture accurate, relevant and validated metadata.

Digital Solutions
Digital Solutions
Documents scanned and sent on demand

Our digital file-retrieval service offers a faster, more efficient and more sustainable method of requesting your stored files.

Our preparation services get your hard-copy physical files into a “scan ready” state by:

Physical documents digitised in a flash

Turn your physical records into high-quality digital images with our state-of-the-art scanning technology:

Digital Solutions
Digital Solutions
State-of-the-art data capture solutions

We specialise in forms recognition and software applications, including:

Solutions for the discovery, transformation and ongoing control of unstuctured data

Organisations of all sizes are struggling with uncontrolled data growth. The ability to effectively discover, classify, visualise and understand digital landfill provides major improvements in information governance and organisational efficiency.

Digital Solutions
Digital Solutions
To learn more about our full scope of digital solutions, download our detailed capability statement.

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