Jane Riley speaking with Amanda Tinner

Visa and Immigration Policies – May 2021

Visa and Immigration Update – May 2021: Listen to the podcast here: Grace Always More Podcast The international travel landscape is shifting and evolving and will continue to do so, with countries imposing COVID-19 border restrictions and quarantine periods.  This has significantly impacted visa and immigration policies, and the Australian Government has been forced to … Continued
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CCTV - monitoring Grace warehouses

Privacy Awareness Week

Privacy Awareness Week: Data Protection A company’s lack of adequate data protection can lead to the loss of valuable information, data breaches, regulatory fines and the loss of the company’s reputation. Recovering from something of this magnitude can often be irreversible and costly. Protecting data however is a complex exercise that is affected by a … Continued
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Workplace Design's Impact on Talent Retention

Workplace Design’s Impact on Talent Retention

Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC) in a report on Preparing for tomorrow’s workforce, today states that workspaces are important for delivering great performance and helping employees thrive. It says that creating a competitive advantage through more engaging people experiences is imperative to attracting and retaining talent and that workplaces should: Promote well-being, with spaces for relaxation, … Continued
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Fine Art Partnerships Respond to Bushfire Crisis

With more than 20% of Australia’s forests burned to date across our catastrophic bushfire season, the total area destroyed has been compared in size to England, South Korea and Iceland respectively. It is estimated that more than a billion mammals, birds and reptiles have lost their lives, along with 33 people. Thousands of koalas have … Continued
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GDO ECM Suite – Take your business digital

The GDO ECM Suite — Grace Digital Office powered by ELO — provides an end-to-end solution for capturing, managing and archiving all information in a company. Users with the appropriate authorisation have access to the company’s entire knowledge resources in a single, central location, while intelligent search functions ensure that they find the information they … Continued
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Digital Mailroom Solutions Grace Digital Office

GDO Digital Mailroom

Grace Information Management has hit the ground running following the release of our Grace Digital Office (GDO) business solutions, powered by ELO. Providing a comprehensive suite of digital tools to streamline your record management processes, our ready to use applications are adaptable to meet your individual requirements. From invoice management through to visitor management, GDO … Continued
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Grace sees out 2019 with success and looks to a new decade

Our Information Management branch had a very busy year, providing effective solutions to our clients, attending numerous industry events and welcoming new customers, all while preparing for the launch of our newest digital solution, Grace Digital Office. New National Standards As of October, the National Archives issued new Scanning Specifications, changing the requirements for the … Continued
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Year of success for Grace Fine Art

Grace Fine Art has experienced significant growth across 2019, including the acquisition of King & Wilson’s fine art division and associated client base. Our operations across Sydney and Melbourne effectively doubled, as did our national portfolio of logistics networks. Part of the acquisition included a significant warehouse in Victoria and some pretty impressive vault facilities, … Continued
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Grace works with Retire Australia

The Grace FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) teams have been keeping busy over 2019, just the way they like it. As the business grows and expands, 2020 is already shaping up to be a big year. Retire Australia Operating 27 unique retirement villages across the country, Retire Australia establishes warm and welcoming communities for our elderly … Continued
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