ELOxc for Microsoft EWS not only automatically archives e-mails in compliance with laws and regulations but also is an efficient e-mail management tool. Thanks to full integration into Microsoft Outlook, you can use the tool in your normal workspace. As ELOxc for Microsoft EWS classifies and assigns e-mails to specific business processes, you can automatically move e-mails and attachments to the corresponding folder. Action trees can be used to customize data import from Microsoft Exchange and to downstream processes in the ELO powered GDO ECM system. At the same time, ELOxc for Microsoft EWS is designed for maximum flexibility, enabling manual (client-based) or automatic (server-based) archiving or a combination of the two. ELOxc for Microsoft EWS manages e-mails in compliance with legal archiving requirements.

ELOxc for Microsoft EWS

  • Convenient integration of the solution in Microsoft Outlook and Exchange
  • Integrating e-mails into business processes
  • Add components based on your needs
  • Compliance with legal archiving requirements
  • Protection against data loss
  • Powerful search ensures information is available fast
  • Equally suited for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid systems
  • Reduced load on the e-mail server
  • Flexibility thanks to client-based and server-based archiving

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