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Obligation-free consultation on Information Management benchmarks and insights.

Free onsite hard-copy document transitions with system cross-referencing.

$500 discount towards digital transformation workshop.

Obligation-free consultation for your records management practices.

10% discount on cataloguing and data capture.

3-month free hard-copy storage.

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Why Choose Grace...

Secure Storage of your critical, physical and digital assets

Grace ensures your information is safe and secure, providing specialised records and information management services tailored to the needs of your business.

Whether you require physical or electronic data storage, Grace has the solution for you, including a range of services to assist your business in transitioning to a paper-less, digital solution.

Easy and secure access to the right people at any time

Whether it is physical delivery of hard copy records or access to electronic versions, Grace have user friendly platforms to order and access vital records.

All deliveries are subject to security protocols established with the client ensuring access is to authorised personnel only.

Secure tool that can be utilised for team collaboration

Grace assist in streamlining processes by improving communication and teamwork.

Whether you’re team are looking to exchange information, start a poll, chat, mention a colleague, or refer to specific topics with hashtags – all this and more is possible through the ELO powered Grace Digital Office.

Secure chain of custody for the destruction of your documents

Grace have a complete unbroken Chain of Custody when records are authorised for destruction by our clients.

Whether documents are collected from your offices or retrieved from Grace’s secure storage facilities, all services are provided by fully vetted Grace staff utilising Grace owned and maintained vehicles and equipment. Every step of the process is electronically validated for confirmation and security purposes.

APRA CPS 234 wants you to...

Grace has worked tirelessly over the last year to position us to comply with the Prudential Standard.

This includes our ability to:

  • Record the classification of information to aid in effective information management based on sensitivity
  • Set security protocols at an information classification level
  • Restrict staff access to sensitive information at a classification level

We have also:

  • Launched enhanced services to the Grace Digital Office which adds a broader selection of information management solutions, and brings additional information security capabilities to our hard copy storage capabilities
  • Enhanced our edge security with new platforms providing Intrusion Detection functionality and centralized logging and monitoring
  • Embraced the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Essential Eight and developed a roadmap to reach Maturity Level 3
Enhanced Scan on Demand

Grace understands that documents stored with Grace need to be accessed instantly and by remote locations. To cater to this, we will offer our “Enhanced Scan on Demand” service which combines our document storage services, digitisation services and secure Grace Digital Office platform.

Grace’s Enhanced Scan on Demand solution enables a seamless, efficient and secure method for digital file retrievals. Requested files are digitised and delivered via Grace Digital Office, Grace’s secure, online, central hub for managing data and documents – with VERS/GDPR compliance powered by ELO.

Digital Mailroom

Grace will redirect your incoming mail to a local Grace PO Box. Grace will then prepare, digitise, capture the author and recipient and deliver to you a digital copy via our secure GDO platform.

Grace will then work with you to further automate the process to allow you to manage and automate the classification of incoming documents and correspondence (paper and emails) without presorting and automatically capture accurate, relevant and validated metadata.

Our Digital Mailroom’s strength comes from utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, to remember for next time the same item is received and automates the classification and data capture of your incoming (and outgoing) documents and correspondence.

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