Grace Information Management Blog

The Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit is set to be one of this year’s leading events for security and risk management professionals.

Taking place at the Hilton on George Street, Sydney, from 25 to 26 August 2014, the conference will feature keynotes from top solution providers, and will provide the opportunity to network with industry experts and peers.

Gartner is calling the event “the premier conference and meeting place for IT and business executives responsible for creating, implementing and managing a proactive and comprehensive strategy for information security, risk management, governance, business continuity management and business resiliency.”

Hot topics to be covered at this year’s Summit include:

  • Mobile applications and security;
  • Identity and access management;
  • Social media and security;
  • Cloud computing and recovery; and
  • Governance, risk and compliance.

We all know that in our fast-moving world, information is a critical resource; so why not diarise this important event and learn more about how you can take the right steps to improve your company’s enterprise-wide security, risk management and business continuity?

At Grace Records Management, we take information security extremely seriously. As a quality-endorsed organisation, we are all about the security and confidentiality of your information.

We offer a specialised records management service combining collection, transport, safe storage, retrieval and destruction. Facilities at Grace are constructed with quality materials and have fully maintained:

  • Extensive fire protection systems including sprinklers, fire doors and VESDA
  • Sophisticated fire alarms linked to local fire brigade units
  • Electronic intruder detection systems with back-to-base alarms
  • 24 hour surveillance monitoring.

Each new staff member at Grace is properly screened with background and work reference checks, including a Police Criminal Security check, and completes a Company Confidentiality Deed as part of their employment terms.