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Sandvik Mining and Sandvik Construction: A National Focus

The Business

Sandvik Mining and Sandvik Construction is part of the Sandvik Group, a global industrial concern with its origins in Sweden and with a significant presence worldwide. Sandvik in Australia is responsible for the marketing, distribution, service and support of Sandvik mining and construction products throughout Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.
The company is a major supplier of mining equipment to the resources sectors throughout the region for surface mining, underground mining, bulk materials transportation, bulk materials
handling, and exploration. Sandvik is also the largest supplier of Australian made mining equipment.
In this region, Sandvik employs approximately 1800 employees in over 50 facilities located in all Australian States, New Zealand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The Challenge

With more than 35 locations in Australia alone, managing a vast accumulation of records is a major issue, as storage is a critical management element. Records were stored with a number of providers and in several locations around Australia. Records were even stored in a company warehouse. The need for consolidation was the driver for the project. One company, one point of
contact, central billing, all of which would also result in efficiencies and cost savings.

The Process

Sandvik contacted a number of records management providers requesting a proposal and quotation for the collection, consolidation and storage of their document cartons.
Grace Information & Records Management; (GIRM) proposal was competitive and well structured. The fact that Grace facilities were located not only in the capital cities but also in regional areas was a significant advantage.
The initial project was for the collection of records from the various locations around Australia to then be stored in GIRM’s secure facilities.
One of the distinct advantages with GIRM is that from end-to-end all of the transport, staff and facilities are owned and operated by the Grace Group, ensuring a high level of control over all the required tasks and the personnel involved.

The Solution

Initially, there were seven locations and approximately 13,500 cartons to be collected, of these nearly 9,000 cartons came from four locations throughout Queensland. Collections were also made in New South Wales and Western Australia.

The project was expanded to include scanning of documents which were held in GIRM warehouses.

Several Sandvik departments identified groups of documents for scanning to facilitate easy access and effective governance of those records in accordance with legislation. Scanning documents was seen as a viable alternative to archiving them where compliance permitted.

The majority of the documents were confidential and as such required a rapid processing time and high level of due diligence on the part of GIRM.

All of the projects required the following tasks:

  • Collection and storage
  • Preparation of documents e.g. staples removed
  • Scanning of various formats and paper sizes using OCR and
  • Indexing of documents for effective retrieval

Some projects had very specific instructions for handling the records and how they had to be scanned.

Scanned records are then delivered to Sandvik on appropriate media.

The Result

Since July 2014, there have been 15 projects for scanning documents completed.

Malcolm Ashley the Sandvik Indirect Purchasing Manager based in Brisbane, initiated the process to streamline their storage, scanning and document destruction activities. It was important to have the one point of contact for all these activities.

Malcolm was impressed with the package which GIRM presented and has been happy with the consistent service and assistance which has been provided. When asked what was key to the successful ongoing relationship he remarked, “It is their willingness to help solve any problem”.

The Future

This is an ongoing business relationship, with GIRM being the preferred provider of Sandvik records storage, scanning and destruction services.