Home Cleaning

We understand that moving house can be a messy business

Grace can arrange for a full house clean after completion of packing and loading or prior to delivery and unpacking. Our exit clean service is particularly appreciated as once our moving truck is loaded and ready to drive away, one of the last things you’re likely to want to do is clean your empty house. Grace can also arrange for windows, oven and carpet cleaning and can time the cleaning to commence as the last items are being moved out.

Home Cleaning
Our standard basic home cleaning package includes:
In addition, we also provide optional extras such as:

Cleaning for sale or end of lease

If you’re moving house because you’re selling and buying somewhere else, a final clean of the property is generally recommended by real estate professionals. Although cleaning your house before settlement is not a legal issue, buyers can claim against you if during a pre-settlement inspection, the house is in poorer condition. Our standard basic house clean is guaranteed to satisfy the requirements for an end of lease exit clean and we can provide receipts for carpet steam cleaning.

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