Privacy Information Management

Evolving Privacy Concerns and the Role of Information Management

In recent years, privacy has become vitally important across all industry sectors, but especially so for those dealing with large amounts of personal data. After numerous high-profile data breaches in government agencies, a guarantee of privacy-conscious information management is crucial for restoring and maintaining public trust.

In healthcare, the necessity is two-fold. Patient files need to be kept safe for the sake of patients themselves, but also in order to deter cyber attacks that can cripple ICT systems and hamper the ability of medical staff to save lives. In the legal sector, duty of confidentiality has always put privacy front of mind, but with hackers now targeting law firms with increasing frequency, privacy-consciousness is now be a powerful point of difference.

Engaging a reputable information management partner can make a huge difference in how an organisation is perceived in terms of its ability to keep private data safe. The best information management companies centralise data off-site under 24-hour surveillance, have their staff sign confidentiality agreements, and employ systems that delete local digital content from viewing devices as soon as the file is closed. An organisation outsourcing its information management can use assurances like these as influential selling points to increase client confidence and stand out from rivals.

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