Grace Information Management Blog

Sharing the benefits of our practical knowledge and experience from decades of developing and delivering information management solutions, is an important part of our overall approach to our client’s experience with us. Drawing on the experience of our national team, we have developed a Knowledge Bank.

Our Knowledge Bank contains best practice articles and informative case studies across all of our service areas including information management, records management, digitisation, scanning, consultancy services, mailroom services and much more.

Our best practice articles include advice on subjects including:

As well as other informative articles about best practices in information management.

Our case studies share helpful insights into recent projects, where we have delivered cost and process benefits to specific clients, and feature challenges that we see that are common to many of our clients. These case studies have been written by the Grace team who were responsible for scoping, developing and delivering the final outcomes, and document just some of the instances where we have been able to add value to our client’s service experience.