Moving with pets

Australia’s first national survey of renters conducted by Choice, the NGO National Shelter and National Association of Tenant Organisations (NATO) revealed that half of all renters across the country “report having experienced some form of discrimination when looking for a rental property in the last five years,” 23% of whom reported it as related to having a pet.[1]

Only a small percentage of rental properties in Australia are currently pet friendly with more renters pushing for governments to act on prohibiting tenants to remove the ‘no pets’ clause from their contracts. As a result, we could soon see a rise in the number of pet friendly accommodation options.

The RSPCA warns that pet owners should be aware of the strata schemes of the buildings they live in. Many have a condition that pets must be carried when being transported from the apartment, outside. In the case of the property having a ‘no pet’ policy, the RSPCA offers this advice when obtaining consent from your landlord to own a pet:

  • Put together a ‘pet resume’ detailing information about your pet, their medical status including vaccination information, flea treatments, behavioural assessments, desexing certificate, microchip details plus any obedience training certificates they may have received.
  • Supply references. References from your vet and/or obedience trainer will help a landlord see that your pet is well-behaved and obedient. If you have lived in a previous pet-friendly property, obtain a reference from your previous landlord to demonstrate that your pet was an ‘ideal tenant’.
  • Introduce your pet to your potential landlord, again, so that they can assess your pet’s behaviour and obedience.
  • Supply a written declaration to your landlord that you will pay for any and all damages that may be caused to the property by your pet
  • Negotiate an agreement with your landlord so that they may come and visit the property to ensure that no damage has been caused by your pet
  • Research your strata – if other tenants have applied to have a pet and have permission, citing them as an example may increase your chances.[2]

Moving in to a new rental property

If you’ve managed to find a new, pet-friendly rental property, Grace can offer premium pet relocation services to ensure your pet is transported safely. We create a tailored relocation plan that will take care of your beloved animal to make their journey safe, comfortable and stress-free.

At Grace, we can design an affordable transport option catered to the needs of your pet regardless of destination. Whether you’re moving across the city, interstate or internationally, we provide the best services to keep your pet safe and comfortable on their journey.

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