Paper based workflows

Even in our era of always-on connectivity and versatile electronic devices, paper still plays an indispensable role in many industry sectors. Paper-based businesses deal with a range of unique challenges in the digital era. Here is our guide to achieving better paper based information management.


Infinite retention can place organisations in violation of the Privacy Act due to files being retained past their period of usefulness. At Grace, we make compliance a simple matter. Archives are initially audited, then properly indexed for easy content visibility. Destruction is arranged for redundant or unnecessary files to limit the amount being stored, while sentencing schedules are set up for the rest, in-line with relevant legislation. As files reach the end of their lifespan, we initiate a two-factor authentication process before destroying anything, and provide a certificate of destruction after information has been physically shredded or electronically degaussed.

Cost effectiveness

Handling information in-house can cost organisations more, especially if they have limited resources to dedicate to efficient archiving and retrieval systems. Internal information management systems are prone to costs associated with chaotic indexing, duplication, and compliance problems. For institutions with limited floor space, in-house archives can end up costing many times what they would if stored off-site.

Our comprehensive solutions include a low-cost audit into your archiving package, dramatically reducing storage fees by limiting the number of files eventually put into storage. We also assess your existing indexing systems, providing more efficient options if necessary — as well as computer interfaces that make searching faster and more intuitive. Overall, we’ll help you save in terms of time, space and money.

Value and variety

When outsourcing information management, you might think you need to engage multiple service providers for everything from records storage to office relocations, and end up spending excessively. However, at Grace, we do far more than just store and retrieve information. We tailor a package that integrates a wide range of information management, removal, storage and mobility services to give you value for money.

If you have a room full of paper files that need to be audited and archived, shelving that needs to be dismantled and disposed of, and space that needs to be set up as an office using fittings and equipment relocated from another location, we can arrange the entire process internally — eliminating the need for you to dedicate your own resources to coordinating multiple individual contractors.


In an increasingly globalised business environment, connectivity has become an indispensable capability. It’s important in sectors like finance where work units across the world must be able to concurrently access the same information assets. In healthcare, connectivity affects whether information is updated in real-time or on a delay, which in turn affects the quality of data accessibility.

In construction and manufacturing, connectivity plays a role in how well companies communicate over expansive or disconnected worksites, and in how responsive work units are to changes. Increased connectivity has also resulted in much larger volumes of information being generated and stored, which presents challenges for how it can then be best organised and accessed.

Good information management is crucial to stay on top of information flows in the era of big data. In terms of enhancing connectivity, Grace give their clients access to intuitive digital interfaces that operate on a wide variety of fixed and mobile devices.


Time spent collecting the information is an important consideration for many organisations. Information management plays a key role in profitability. When discovery is a complimentary service, businesses have an incentive to make information as accessible and well organised as possible so that non-billable hours are kept to an absolute minimum.

At Grace, we help make information easier to search for and faster to retrieve. Our indexing systems are searchable and use highly responsive cloud-based tools. We save you the trouble and expense of manually searching through archives and our speedy physical and electronic retrieval helps cut down on lost time.


Information management is integral to agility because it is the pathway through which organisations learn about new developments and institute appropriate responses. Many aspects of information management affect agility, from the quality of digitisation and indexing, to the ease of retrieval and destruction. With Grace, your information is collected more efficiently, stored and indexed more intelligently, retrieved and delivered more rapidly, and can be shared instantaneously. Marketplace or scope changes are detected faster, and new instructions can be issued more effectively due to greater synchronicity between work units. Ultimately, you can enjoy a significant boost to responsiveness and a corresponding increase in profitability.

At Grace, we believe the best information management providers specialise in both digital and paper based archiving and access solutions. That’s why you can trust us to provide a full range of services for information management. Secure your paper based records and get in touch with us today.