packing boxes

When you’re gearing up to move or store your things during a renovation, there are several staples you should stock up on before you start. Packing materials come in all shapes and sizes, each serving a specific function to help you move or store your things safely and securely. Knowing your items are packed and labelled properly to maximise the efficiency of your move will let you breathe easy.

Standard Duty Stuff   

Standard cartons and boxes are best for moving all the loose items in your home. Based on the weight of your goods, you may choose regular lightweight boxes or double-layered, heavy-duty ones. The latter are great for moving substantial items like books, kitchen crockery and your favourite paper weight. Think carefully about the mix of boxes you’ll need and make sure you factor the lifting into your ratio.

Some Things Special

There’s a large choice of purpose-built boxes but the most common types to consider when packing are port-a-robes and art packs. With specially designed boxes, packing your clothes is quick and easy; just reach into your wardrobe, grab a coat hanger and transfer it to its temporary hanging spot for the move. Art packs are also a great way to ensure your valuables make it to their destination, safe and sound. Do a stocktake on how many artworks you need to move as well as how big they are; it’s always better to err on the side of overstocking on boxes.

Wrap Your Worries Away

Protecting your precious items is a priority. Apart from making the most of cushions, blankets and doonas, it’s important to wrap your breakables with the right stuff. Butcher’s paper is a great way to parcel up plates and bowls as well as any light items that could be scratched. Bubble wrap can be used to add a protective layer of air to your fragile goods to ensure they arrive intact.

Mixed Tape

If you’ve visited a hardware store recently, you’ll understand the perplexity of choosing the right tape for the job at hand. The selection is enormous but the best one for moving your gear is the aptly-named ‘packing tape’. Look no further than this specialty solution. If you’re keen for that extra layer of organisation, you can purchase packing tape with room names, such as ‘bedroom’ or ‘kitchen’ printed on the tape – a great way to get two jobs out of the way at the same time.

Label Liberally

Labelling is the key to increased efficiency. The good ol’ permanent marker is the tried and tested solution that can never go wrong; use it to mark boxes with names of rooms, and to list the contents or special instructions, such as ‘this way up.’ For a tech-savvy solution, download an app on your phone, then get some labels and a printer. There are a number of apps out there that allow you to create an inventory of your things and print labels out. Some of them even include barcodes or QR codes that you can scan with your phone, making moving a truly futuristic endeavour. Moving doesn’t have to be perplexing and stressful. Make it simple, smart and efficient. Just make sure you have the right packing materials, and you’ll be all set. Good luck!