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More companies plan to send staff overseas this year and not surprisingly, Australia is one of the top destinations.

Mercer recently released the Worldwide International Assignments Policies and Practices report which surveyed 750 multinational companies about their global mobility schemes.

Over 70 per cent said they expected to increase short-term assignments in 2013 and 55 per cent expect to increase long-term assignments. This follows the trend in recent years of an increase in the overall number of international assignments.

Australia was named the fourth most popular destination for companies to send employees, behind the US, Brazil and China.

Anne Rossier-Renaud, Principal in Mercer’s global mobility business said, “International assignments have become diverse in order to meet evolving business and global workforce needs.

“Relatively low pay increases in some regions and pressure on companies to attract and retain talent, have spurred many to embrace a wider range of global mobility strategies to incentivise high performers.”

The report found the top five reasons for international assignments are;

  • to provide specific technical skills not available locally (47%)
  • to provide career management/leadership development (43%)
  • to ensure knowledge transfer (41%)
  • to fulfil specific project needs (39%)
  • to provide specific managerial skills not available locally (38%).

Indeed, overseas assignments can greatly benefit an employee with 39 per cent of participants reporting that, generally, employees with international experience were promoted more quickly.

However, the report also claimed family-related issues, such as concerns over children’s education in a new location and the careers of spouses, remain a major obstacle to employee mobility. That’s where Grace Mobility can help.

Grace’s dedicated team work closely with companies to structure a program which we can then tailor to employees’ individual needs. We ensure that every detail is taken care of, such as meeting every transferee within 24 hours of their arrival and providing continued support for up to 6 months. We also assist with area orientation, school search, home search and job searches for spouses, to ensure your company and your employees gets the most out of their overseas assignments.