Information Management Security

Outsourcing information is an important step in maintaining privacy and meeting compliance in every industry. The healthcare industry is one of the largest industries in the world, responsible for delivering patient care and maintaining patient confidentiality. With so much responsibility for maintaining compliance and securing patient data and records, outsourcing information is something all healthcare professionals can benefit from.

Benefits of outsourcing your information management

Reducing and controlling costs

By outsourcing your information management, you’ll significantly save on the cost of training your staff how to use a new digital system. Technology is not learned overnight and often people need to be able to practice using it before they can safely adapt the system.

You’ll also lower costs caused by administration errors as your staff are able to focus on what they know best and the professionals, such as Grace Information Management, will take responsibility for that side of the business. A predictable price plan provided by the outsourced company also makes it easier to plan budgets around.

Save time and improve focus

Learning how to use a new system takes time. So too does locating the files your staff needs if they aren’t yet familiar with the new system. The healthcare industry relies on real time record retrieval and outsourcing information management can help you achieve and maintain a fast turnaround. Staff will be able to maintain their focus on providing healthcare while your information is managed by a trusted third party.


Keeping records on site is not the most secure or safest way to keep patient information confidential. In light of recent data breach laws and the European Union’s new GDPR requirements, the healthcare industry must be more aware of their duty of care where patient information is concerned.

Outsourcing information to a trusted professional who has the most updated security measures in place ensures the privacy of your information and records. At Grace, we guarantee your security with state of the art storage facilities which are monitored 24 hours a day by cameras and staff.

Best practice solutions

Information management providers are also able to continuously provide the best practise solutions for managing records in the healthcare industry. At Grace, we constantly monitor your tailored solution to recommend the best practices based on your unique information management requirements. Doing this allows us to continue to save you money, meet compliance and maintaining your information’s security.

Need to outsource your information management? Get in touch with Grace Information Management today to start making your digital information more efficient.