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Moving your belongings from point A to B sounds like a reasonably straightforward task, but for those of you with babies, toddlers or pets, the big day poses some serious logistical conundrums. While moving your family can be challenging, there are some things you can take with you in the car, plane, bus or train to help smooth out the transition and make the move as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Best For Bubs

For such small creatures, they sure have big needs – most of which you’ll have packed into boxes. There are some objects you can’t forget to keep on your person like nappies, wipes, food and boiled water for formula – that is, if bub is bottle feeding. Think beyond the basics and consider what your tiny tot would normally be doing during the day and you’ll soon realise that sitting in a car seat for several hours is unlikely to meet their regulated routine. Soft, fluffy and furry toys; chewy toys and toys that make sounds are a great way to keep your baby occupied and stimulated during the ride. If you’re able to sit next to your baby, then packing a few books to read, playing with engaging educational toys or a touchscreen with some deliciously distracting apps will go a long way.

Toddler Tidbits

While toddlers are pretty good at entertaining themselves, there are some things you can take with you on the trip to your new home that will help heed their sometimes demanding demeanour. As with babies, there are some essential items that you’ve probably already got covered, including a change of clothes, extra layers if you’re in a cold climate, food and drink. Some extra tidbits to avoid a detour to tantrum city include packing some fun music to listen to or a device to divert them with their favourite show or movies. Another great distraction for a toddler is to pack a picnic lunch and make one or more stopovers at parks or interesting sights along your route. Physical movement will help wear them out for a sleep in the car.

Fodder For Fido

In many ways, when it comes to moving – pets are a simpler version of children. Think of them as kids with four legs. Exercise will really help balance time in the car, so don’t forget a leash for walking, a ball or a frisbee. If you forget, just stop at a park, pick up a stick and tell Fido that it’s a really special stick, just for him. Your pet’s favourite squeaky and chewy toys will also help distract them from the reality of being stuck in a car for hours on end.

Travelling with your kids and pets on moving day doesn’t have to end in tears. By thinking ahead and packing a few extra bits and pieces, you can avoid a difficult day and make it to your new home happy.