GDO Invoice Management

GDO provides all the benefits of a state-of-the-art invoice processing solution to your company

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GDO Invoice Management

GDO provides all the benefits of a state-of-the-art invoice processing solution to your company.

Effective invoice management is complicated when they’re delivered to different people in different departments, sometimes in different locations. Digital invoice management successfully minimises the time wasted by employees processing payments, while also reducing the overall risk, costs and complexity of the process. Invoice and receipts are automatically captured, classified and passed on to the correct employee in the workflow, giving you better control over your accounts payable cycle and ensuring invoices aren’t forgotten.


GDO Business Solution Invoice Management offers:

  • Customised solutions to fit your needs
  • Compliance with relevant regulatory and statutory requirements
  • Customisable automation levels and settings
  • Additional components available according to your business needs
  • Integrates with standard ERP including SAP and NAV

Benefits of Grace Digital Office

Efficient Processes

Better Organisation

Save Time

Lower Overheads

Transparent Processes

Integrated 3rd Party Systems

Solutions at a Glance

GDO Invoice Dashboard

The dashboard provides oversight of all invoices on circulation.

  • Monitor invoices and payment deadlines
  • View current invoice status and detailed information
  • Apply filters to view time critical documents only, etc.
  • Early warning system ensure payments are made before deadlines
  • Generate reports and statistical evaluations


Form view

Forms assist in timely invoice approval.

  • Manually adjust automatically captured data as required
  • Input unique data such as delivery quantities
  • Different form modules to best suit your needs and keep you organised

GDO Feed

This chat based tool allows for easy information exchange regarding documents.

  • Fast and transparent communication
  • Remain abreast of changes
  • Create posts on related documents or discussions
  • Mention colleagues in a comment and refer to existing posts
  • Conduct polls on documents to reach a consensus

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