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Most companies can potentially deal with hundreds of invoices per day. Often these invoices need to be sent and seen by different people within different departments of the business to either approve or request more information. This can lead to a loss of time and productivity for those departments.

Digital Information Management Solution for Accounts Payable

Grace Digital Office (powered by ELO) offers an Accounts Payable solution that digitises time consuming paper-based invoice processing, reducing lost time and improving efficiency. Our Accounts Payable solution also increases data quality by eliminating the risk of lost and overdue invoices.

Grace Digital Office allows for the quick capture of key invoice data, including:

  • invoice recipient
  • invoice sender
  • invoice date
  • invoice amount

Our Accounts Payable facilitation module then activates the system’s embedded workflow engine and sends the invoice to be processed to your nominated and specified personnel. The invoice can be accessed onsite or on the move from multiple devices.

Switch to digital to manage your company’s Accounts Payable operation with a coherent centralised system that maintains integration and connection to vital third party applications such as Accounts Payable systems, Asset Management systems, websites or Payroll systems.

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