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Are you responsible for records and information management in your business? Here’s a list of the top 10 features to look for when purchasing software this year.

Published by technology website Tech Target, the wish list covers 10 basic features records management staff should ensure are included in any records management software investments. These are:


1. Easy indexing
2. Auto-classification
3. Metadata management


4. Policy creation, revision and versioning
5. Retention/disposal schedule development
6. Tracking and auditing
7. Archiving, disaster recovery, backup and restoration


8. Security and access control
9. Interoperability
10. Usability

According to the article’s author, good records management practices are crucial in order to avoid business risk.

“Too often, the discipline of records is treated as a second-class citizen. It doesn’t produce revenue, it doesn’t streamline workflow and it isn’t ‘next-gen’ or sexy. But if a lawsuit or high-profile audit emerges to expose records-keeping flaws, watch how quickly it gains visibility – and how freely the IT dollars suddenly flow,” he said.

If you’re responsible for records and information management in your business, it why not attend the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit in Sydney during August – during which many of the above topics will be covered?

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