Information management partner

Spend Less Time in Discovery with a Better Information Management Partner

Time spent in discovery — or collecting the information necessary to properly address a client issue — is an important consideration for many organisations. While many businesses continue to bill their clients for discovery, an increasing number are choosing not to as a way to gain competitive advantage. In both cases, information management plays a key role in profitability. When discovery hours are billable, organisations must ensure they have fast and efficient access to information assets in order to avoid ultimately externalising the costs of their own disorganisation. When discovery is a complimentary service, businesses have an incentive to make information as accessible and well organised as possible so that non-billable hours are kept to an absolute minimum.

Using a quality third-party information management partner can help make information easier to search for and faster to retrieve. These companies provide excellent indexing systems that are searchable using highly responsive cloud-based tools. As well as saving organisations the trouble and expense of manually searching through archives, speedy physical and electronic retrieval helps cut down on lost time. To make it easy for organisations to externalise the costs of discovery where appropriate, good information management providers can also create sub-accounts in their billing systems, so that all storage and retrieval actions are itemised under the case they pertain to.

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