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Forbes magazine has confirmed what Grace Information Management already knows, it pays to back up data off-site.

According to a recent article, small businesses are particularly vulnerable and unprepared for data loss in times of crisis such as natural disasters, theft and hardware malfunctions.

“While 94 per cent of US small businesses are backing up critical financial data to prepare for an emergency, only four in ten of those businesses are keeping their data offsite. But what if a flood, tornado, or other disaster damages the entire site?,” asks journalist Lisa Wirthman.

Wirthman advises backup copies of critical records such as accounting and employee data, customer lists and inventory should be kept at a separate location at least 50 miles away from your business location or maintained by an online data backup service provider, such as provided by Grace Information Management.

When it comes to emergencies, the old adage of ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry rings true. Businesses with adequate data backup plans can minimise the damage and get back on their feet sooner.

According to the US National Archives & Record Administration, 93 per cent of companies that lost their data for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within one year of the event; 50 per cent did so immediately.

The Grace Data Centre is a massive, off-site, ultra-secure, web-hosted repository that can hold every document ever produced by your organisation. Using a secure login you can easily access your data even if your office has been physically destroyed.