Fine art vault Sydney

Grace Fine Art’s Sydney vault recently underwent a facelift to increase storage capacity and make access to art and racking easier.


Before the makeover, the vault had a limited amount of space for hanging art.

Fine art vault


The fine art vault now has dedicated rooms for particular fine art storage services including racking for hanging art; space for purpose-built storage solutions; and open floor space for larger items like sculptures and pianos.

The three-room vault features a display room, complete with open storage space and art racks, a second “3D room” with walk in wardrobes for clothing and space for wine storage, and a third dedicated art storage room with storage racks designed specifically for paintings.

Fine Art vault


At Grace, we afford the highest level of protection for collections in our care. Our specialised art storage facilities comply with Australian Customs and Border Security requirements and feature:

  • 24/7 security systems
  • Restricted monitored access and entry
  • Humidity and climate control options
  • Electronic inventory and tracking services
  • Customised storage solutions

Grace is one of Australia’s leading providers of fine art transportation, proudly working with leading galleries and avid art collectors across Australia and New Zealand. We provide a diverse range of specialist services including:

  • Preparation, packing and customised crating
  • Domestic and international transport and tracking
  • Collection and asset management
  • Exhibitions and art/antique fair services
  • Special projects and installations
  • Valuations and restorations
  • Comprehensive range of insurance options

If you would like more information on how Grace can help you, call Grace Fine Art on 1300 766 233.