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We all know there are countless rules and regulations regarding how to store business documents and how long information needs to be kept, but when you are running a business it can be hard to keep on top of it all.

Grace Information and Records Management has come across this stellar read that is going to simplify your filing process and free up your time to get back to what matters most, running your business.

The Information Enterprises Australia (IEA), a specialist library and records management agency, released “F is for Filing”, a simple guide to managing and storing necessary information for small businesses.

The book focuses on the IEA’s Keep It Simply Sorted principle, sounds simple enough? It is a how-to-guide that gives hints, tips and suggestions on which files you need to create, how long you should keep the information for and when you can legally throw it all away.

Whether you are setting up a new filing system or want to improve your current system, “F is for Filing” will explain it all. It takes you through the basic steps to create your own effective filling system, and even better, tells you how to get the most out of your new system.

To find out more visit Information Enterprises Australia , or contact Grace Information & Records Management on 1300 725 991 to enquire about receiving your free copy.