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You may think all records storage is the same: but does your offsite storage facility have measures in place to protect your documents from theft? Natural disaster? Unauthorised personnel onsite?Not all providers are the same and do you really want to risk your critical business documents with just anyone? Alternatively if you are storing records onsite- can you guarantee their safety and have you considered the limitations? If these questions are raising some alarm bells maybe it’s time to consider moving to an offsite records storage facility.

By outsourcing your records management storage, your business can free up vital resources and office space. But when selecting the ideal records management facilities it is important to have a checklist in mind. Here are some boxes to tick when weighing up records management providers:

  • Build- the building should be standalone with concrete floors and have a re-enforced steel roof to ensure your important business documents are securely housed in a sturdy structure.
  • Quality assurance– the records management facility should boast ISO AS/NZS 9001:2008 Quality Management and AS ISO 15489 Records Management for secure storage of hard copy, leaving you with peace of mind that your documents are in good hands.
  • Security- facility must be protected by electronic intruder detection systems with back-to-base alarms, 24-hour surveillance monitoring and secure boundary fencing.
  • Well maintained- with adequate ventilation for airflow, constant floor cleaning, pest and vermin inspections, and regular dust inspections.
  • Restricted access- only authorised personnel must be on site, with security key card access to specialised areas, visitor sign in and limited access to authorised vehicles only.
  • Temperature and humidity controlled- kept between 150C and 300C with a minimal 20% humidity variation (between 40%-60%). Temperature and humidity needs to be maintained by monitoring insulation, minimal light penetration and ventilation.
  • Fire protection- building must comply with BCA 96 (Construction) and AS 2118 (Fire Suppression) regulation; constructed with quality materials and extensive fire-protection systems.

If you would like further advice about how best to outsource you records management, speak to one of our Grace Information & Records Management consultants part of our Australia-wide national network. They can talk to you about the benefits of outsourcing, removing the risk with onsite storage and giving you confidence your documents are securely stored with easy document retrieval access.