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Grace Employee Mobility Solutions

Grace is dedicated to developing your employee’s relocation program. We have extensive experience managing complex relocation programs with a diverse range of services.

A Grace Mobility Specialist is a single point of contact who ensures employee mobility requirements are managed from beginning to end. We manage all relocation services including administration of benefits, delivery of relocation services, exceptions, consolidated invoicing, and supplier contracts.

Grace also has more than 40 branches in Australasia and 600 FIDI accredited locations worldwide. Therefore, we’re able to relocate individuals and their families anywhere in the world with confidence.

Helping Employees Cope with Change

On an international assignment, employees may feel a sense of disorientation.

Culture shock is a natural state of psychological and physical disorientation that occurs in a new environment and culture. Different challenges combine to contribute to the feeling of culture shock and include communication barriers and loss of support network.

At Grace, we deliver destination services in Australia, New Zealand and 120 countries around the world. Hence, Grace offer a range of tailored services to help employees settle into their home.

Relocation and Destination Services

When it comes to relocating overseas, there’s lots to consider, especially for young families. There are a number of tips that can help employees manage their international assignment.

Grace provide a range of specialised mobility services to help employees relocate overseas with their families. A Grace Mobility Specialist will find a suitable school for the children and attend rental property inspections. In addition, they will organise insurance and cultural briefings.

Furthermore, a Grace Mobility Specialist assists with:

  • Visa and immigration
  • Storage services
  • Moving services
  • Insurance
  • Cultural briefing
  • Medical management
  • Preparing the children
  • Destination services
  • Art Transport
  • Pet relocation
  • Training and Development
  • Awards and Accreditation

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Mobility Services

  Our consultative approach focuses on balancing service costs, mobility outcomes and program equity objectives. Grace takes the stress out of moving to a new city or country, and services are tailored for every client, … Find Out More

Relocation Services

  Our relocation services take the stress out of moving to a new city or country, and are tailored for every client, individual or family. From finding a suitable school for children to attending rental property … Find Out More

Destination Services

  Grace delivers destination services in Australia, New Zealand and 120 countries around the world. Each destination service is coordinated by a single Grace Mobility Specialist whose focus is on overseeing and coordinating relocation services … Find Out More

WA Government Agencies

We are proud to supply removal and storage services to the Western Australian Government.

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  • Worldwide Employee Relocation Council
  • Australian Human Resources Institute
  • The European Relocation Association
  • The Employee Mobility Institute Member
  • AIRINC Workforce Globalization
  • FIDI Membership
  • FIDI Academy Platinum Award 2017
  • FAIM Plus FIDI Accredited International Mover
  • Australian Furniture Removers Association
  • Australian International Movers Association
  • International Association of Movers
  • Overseas Moving Network International
  • Latin American and Caribbean Movers Association
  • Professional Movers Association