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Electoral Online Web-portal Solution

The Business

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is a Commonwealth agency responsible for conducting federal elections and referendums, and maintaining the Commonwealth electoral roll. The AEC is also responsible for undertaking electoral research, promoting community awareness of electoral and Parliamentary matters, and assisting in the conduct of approved international elections.

The AEC network comprises of over 150 electoral divisions across six States and two Territories; and has offices organised geographically, with a National Office in Canberra, a State office in each State and the Northern Territory, and a divisional office in or near each of the electoral divisions. Whilst the AEC had a current process for capture of documents, they were not able to adhere to strict guidelines for accounting for each and every record in an effective and accurate manner.

The Challenge

The AEC needed to engage with a supplier for a full business solution for the on-going scanning and capture from over 1,900,000 Enrollment Forms annually. AEC are required to permanently retain a copy of each and every paper-based Enrollment Form to comply with the Archives Act 1983. In addition to retaining a copy of each Enrollment Form, the AEC wanted a means of cost effectively recording and reporting on each Enrollment Form, throughout the digitisation processes.

The Solution

Grace Information & Records Management (GIRM) was selected because it combined best practice solutions and industry expertise to provision a Management Information Service (MIS) web portal. The MIS was designed in consultation with AEC to encompass the functionality to record and report on each stage of the business solution from dispatch through to secure destruction, by both the AEC and GIRM.

The Outcome

Outsourcing the entire process (i.e. receipt, preparation, imaging, extracting data, secure storage and secure destruction) to GIRM and utilising the provisioned MIS, AEC have reduced the cost of
reporting with complete transparency of each and every individual Enrolment Form, including which of the 150 divisional offices it originated from and the stage it is up to in the business solution. AEC also benefits because GIRM’s skills, experience and technology removes the need to invest in expensive in-house resources and infrastructure.