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Nomination ceilings have been abolished for 457 working Visas, making it possible for companies in Australia to sponsor more workers from abroad.

The changes – which came into effect on 14 February 2014 – mean all lodged business sponsorship applications will no longer have a limit to the number of nominations they can sponsor.

“When lodging a new Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS), businesses are still required to request a certain number of persons that they wish to nominate during the period of approval as a sponsor but the number is not a limit,” said website

“Sponsorships that were approved before 14 February 2014 and were subject to the nomination ceiling will still cease when the ceiling is reached. If these sponsorships are getting close to reaching their nomination ceiling, a sponsorship variation application can still be lodged.”

As an international removals company helping business people relocate, the team at Grace Removals welcomes the 457 Visa changes, which will help make the process of relocating staff members between countries easier for organisations across Australia.

Grace Removals is one of the world’s largest independent moving organisations, with branches throughout Australasia and an extensive service partner network across the globe. Our ongoing commitment to excellence is not only supported by our ISO accreditation, but is also reflected in our team’s attention to meticulous planning, risk mitigation and the provision of quality customer service.

Through our division Grace Mobility Services, we provide a complete range of mobility services to help relocating employees find the resources they need to keep things running smoothly, such as: orientation tours; finding a new home and school; temporary accommodation; and flight booking and visa assistance.