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Grace Removals is proud to be the official ARTEXPRESS carrier in 2015, marking this the seventeenth year of partnership with the NSW Department of Education & Communities.

ARTEXPRESS is the annual series of exhibitions showcasing the 2014 Higher School Certificate bodies of work and quality education with best practice in visual arts education.

The artworks are carefully chosen by selected gallery curators and education officers in association with the ARTEXPRESS Officer, from the many works considered as excellent samples suitable for exhibiting as nominated by Higher School Certificate markers.

Grace Fine Arts (GFA) is also the supporter of the GFA ARTEXPRESS Prize, and has selected Tully Palmer of St Mary’s Cathedral College in Sydney as the winner of the 2015 GFA ARTEXPRESS for his intricate and mesmerising sculptural installation titled ‘Peek-a-view’.

Tully’s work explores the depiction of personal recollections and impressions using layered and representative forms – “I have been inspired by the work of French artist Anastassia Elias who creates miniature views of life situations from cut-out paper assemblages within toilet-roll tubes. In my work, the darkly weathered and rough exterior of the viewing tubes is suggestive of an anticipated, tightly constrained inner-city existence. This contrasts with the vibrant colour, depth and detail depicted by the tube interiors, which are evocative of sometimes humorous personal experiences – and enhanced by titles that reference cartoon art by Glen Baxter.”

The 2015 ARTEXPRESS exhibition is currently showing in various locations and as the official transport partner and carrier, Grace Fine Arts is responsible for multi-venue transportation of the artworks during the exhibitions’ tour of New South Wales.

Grace Fine Art, a division of Grace Removals, is Australia’s leading provider of fine art and antique transportation. GFA is dedicated and highly experienced in the transportation and storage of paintings, ceramics, sculptures, installation pieces, antiques, and other delicate valuables and offer high levels of service and protection to their many clients including galleries, museums and avid collectors.

Tully Palmer’s artwork is on view at the Art Gallery of New South Wales until the 19th April 2015. Check out the official ARTEXPRESS website for other upcoming exhibition dates.

Grace Fine Arts can be contacted on 1300 766 233.