Important Pre-move Preparation Information

Important Pre-move Preparation Information

It’s not long now before our hard-working moving crews will be at your home. Our teams are trained professionals who are fully briefed on the specifications for your individual move. It is, however, important to appreciate that during the course of packing and moving, your home becomes a workplace for our staff. This means we ask you to undertake some basic precautionary steps to ensure the safety and comfort of both our staff and your family.

Key steps to prepare your home for your move with Grace

Important Pre-move Preparation Information

Public health precautions

If you or anyone else living in the home is ill or unwell with flu or Covid-19 symptoms, please notify your Grace move coordinator immediately, so we can work with you reschedule your move if possible.

Important Pre-move Preparation Information

Pets & children

Pets and children can often find the sounds and movement of our moving crews interesting and exciting. However, it's very important not to have small children or animals in the way of our removalists, as they are often carrying heavy objects and need space to work safely.

Important Pre-move Preparation Information

Access to your property

Our removalists will be making many trips between the Grace truck and your property, so it's critical that you provide adequate space for parking as close as possible to the entry to your property. Our moving trucks require approx 20 metres of space for parking.

Important Pre-move Preparation Information

Washing machines & dryers

Washing machines and condenser dryers can retain water and moisture, so must be thoroughly drained and wiped down inside and out prior to any move. It is also your responsibility to disconnect washing machine hoses and insert any transit stabilisation rods into washing machines as per the manufacturer's instructions.

Important Pre-move Preparation Information

Fridges & freezers

Refrigerators and freezers should be empty of contents, wiped out and completely dry prior to being moved. We advise turning the appliance off at the switch and leaving the door ajar overnight. Fridges with plumbed filtered water and ice dispensers will require you to arrange disconnection by a plumber prior to uplift.

Important Pre-move Preparation Information

Polished furniture

Do not apply fresh polish or furniture wax to any polished timber furniture items during the week prior to your removal. Freshly polished surfaces can take up to a week to stabilise and risk adhering to our protective coverings.

Staff amenities

Important Pre-move Preparation Information

Toilets and hand washing facilities

We ask that you provide our moving crews with unrestricted access to a toilet and hand washing facilities throughout the day as required. On hot days our staff may also require access to fresh drinking water to replenish their water bottles.

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Important Pre-move Preparation Information
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Important Pre-move Preparation Information
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