Landgate Case Study

Landgate Case Study

Landgate is “Western Australia’s land information authority”1 responsible for the “sustainable economic, social and environmental management and development of land in Western Australia by securing land interests, valuing property and providing and promoting the use of location information and services”2. Initially, Landgate engaged with Grace to discuss off-site storage solutions to house a large number of plans, hard copy documents and books. During these discussions, Grace discovered that Landgate holds a vast collection of micrographic tapes and films which were at risk of deterioration. These tapes contain copies of the original land titles relating to WA, and were stored in customised filing cabinets, located in a non-tempered room.

Landgate had two goals for this project:

  1. Store sensitive information into proper storage facilities that will provide maximum security and help preserve these records for future use.
  2. Transform these traditional records into more user-friendly and easily accessible digital version.

To ensure the tapes/films are well-looked-after and are easily accessible, Grace proposed three solutions:

  1. The transfer of tapes and films into Grace’s secure and safe storage facility
  2. The digitisation of the tapes and films, allowing Landgate to share sensitive information with their stakeholders as needed
  3. Upload files within those tapes and films to Landgate’s document management system via a custom-built, encrypted web app, ensuring urgent items could be accessed within 1.5 hours of request.

Although certain aspects of the project are ongoing, Grace has so far:

  • Digitised ~7.5 tapes per day out of 2100+ tapes requested
  • Produced of approximately 9M images in 15 months at 31,500 images per day

The conversion from traditional micrographic tapes/films to electronic versions has allowed Landgate to not only access information effortlessly, but also ensure that the original, priceless tapes are preserved for the future.

To find out how Grace can help you protect your sensitive, priceless resources, call us on 1300 168 358. 

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