Why Accepting a Job Overseas is Good for your Career

Man in airport terminal and talking on phone ready to work overseas

Moving overseas for a new job is a great opportunity to take on a new challenge, gain new experiences or progress up the career ladder. Research constantly finds that professionals who have international experience are often better problem solvers and display more creativity, making them more employable. Here are some of the benefits to accepting that overseas job.

Fast track your promotion

Gaining experience abroad is likely to help you land a promotion sooner than if you stay in the same country in the same position. Many organisations have become more international thanks to globalisation which sees companies work across multiple countries. Any experience working in a global capacity is good experience and looks very good on a resume.

Develop skills

International experience can help you develop new skills as working across cultures requires you to learn many new things. New skills are what help you grow and develop as an employee, making it possible for you to move up in the chain of command, acquire a promotion or demand more financial remuneration.

Improve skills

Not only will you be able to develop new skills, you’ll also be able to hone in on your existing skills. This is especially true in the case of communication and relationship management. Working with people from other backgrounds exposes you to different working styles and this forces you to develop stronger communication skills and confidence.

Build a global network

Part of being employable is having an established network of valuable contacts. Your network will span the world if you choose to accept a job overseas. Building your network and creating professional relationships around the world is a great way to grow and expand your career.


With global experience, you’ll be able to provide more innovative solutions and bring more innovative ideas to the table. These ideas can be developed into products and services in the future. Whether you choose to take those fresh ideas back to your previous job or use them to excel your career in another direction is up to you.

Gain your competitive edge and accept the overseas job you’ve just been offered. Wondering how you’re going to make the move happen? Get in touch with your Grace Mobility Specialist who can help you and your family relocate. We’ll handle every stage of the relocation, from helping you find a new home, to destination services to help you get settled in. All you have to do is focus on chasing those career dreams.


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