Five Things to Consider When Moving Overseas for Work

woman at international airport moving overseas for work

Moving overseas for work can often broaden your career prospects, but it’s not always as easy as packing a bag and taking off. There are a number of things you should consider before relocating internationally for a job. The move will have a dramatic impact on your family and social life, as well as your future career.

  1. Visa and paperwork
    The first thing you’ll need to consider when looking to accept a new job overseas is whether or not you can legally work there. Your visa and paperwork needs to be completed before you arrive at your new home so you can get straight into working.
  2. Family comes first
    You won’t be able to make the move if your family don’t want you to so it’s important to consider their needs and wants. If they aren’t coming with you, you’ll need to adjust to not seeing them regularly. If they are moving overseas with you, you’ll need to consider what they need for that to happen. Do your children need a new school to attend? Does your spouse need a new job? Be sure to sit down with your family and take the time to look at everything properly before making any decisions.
  3. Lifestyle changes
    When moving overseas, there are language barriers and cultural differences to consider. Even if you’ve visited the country you’ll soon be calling home, living there is a different experience altogether. Culture shock can happen to anyone and occurs when you’re struggling to settle in to your new home.
  4. Renting or selling existing property
    If you’re moving overseas and you already own a property or are renting a property, you’ll need to organise what to do with this while you’re living overseas. If you currently own your home, there are options to rent it out while you’re away or sell completely. This could help if you plan on purchasing property when you move. If you’re renting, you might need to prepare to pay double rent depending on your contract.
  5. The job itself
    The most important thing to consider is the job itself. Is this the job you actually want? If you’re planning on accepting the offer for the right reasons, you’re bound to enjoy the experience, and gain something beneficial from it, whether it’s a future promotion, or a new job altogether. It’s also important to research your new employer thoroughly before you take up on the offer. If you can, speak to people who are already working there and ask them about the pros and cons of the company, the office and the boss.

When you’re ready to make the move overseas for work, get in touch with your Grace Mobility Specialist. We’ll arrange a tailored move for you, looking after every aspect, so you don’t have to worry about it yourself. We’ll even go the extra mile to ensure your family are enjoying the experience as much as you are. Settle in to your new home faster with Grace Mobility.


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