GDO Records Management

GDO Records Management - powered by ELO

GDO Records Management powered by ELO is a fully scalable package that grows with the organisation, allowing for a system that will remain consistently up to date. This is achieved through the modular nature of ELO Records
Management, as organisations can build a package that is suited directly to their working needs. As well as its scalability, ELO can be smoothly integrated into almost all existing business applications, supporting existing business processes.

Records management combined with document and workflow management out of the box.

The modular nature of ELO’s Records Management solution also allows each organisation to choose exactly what it needs. Centralised access to all information across departments and locations improves collaboration, reduces transition time in moving files, and enables employees to provide information on the spot.

Ensures regulatory synchronisation

As a VERS compliant system, ELO meets critical statutory requirements set by State and Federal governments. Our experts in Records Management maintain a close eye on any changes made to regulations, ensuring that any implemented solution is in sync with governmental requirements.

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