Tips for Relocating Specialist Equipment

Relocating Specialist Equipment

Specialist equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, and depending on its functionality, it can be quite expensive and valuable. Specialist equipment can include things like laboratory equipment and expensive hospital machinery, but also incorporates IT servers and software that are present in every corporate environment.

Packing and moving specialist equipment is a delicate operation that should be carefully considered to avoid damage or destruction.

Assess and plan

Assess the risks associated with relocating the specialist equipment and plan how to overcome these challenges. You’ll need to assess the potential risks to the equipment as well as any risks that people conducting the relocation may be exposed to. Specialist equipment can often be damaged by small movements as moving parts and internal technology can be fragile.

Use appropriate tools and materials

Rely on the best suited packaging products and removal equipment to relocate the specialist equipment. You wouldn’t pack your laptop in a plastic bag, so consider carefully what you’re going to need to get the job done. In some cases, it might be best to relocate the equipment in parts, but this needs to be assessed in the first step before anything can be separated into parts.

Choose the right vehicle

Choose the right vehicle to complete the job as equipment can be damaged by movement during transit. The size and weight of the equipment will play some part in dictating which vehicles should be used to complete the relocation.

Test and tag

The job’s not done yet! Now you’ll need to test and tag your electrical appliances to ensure there is no damage. Testing involves both visually inspecting and electronically testing the appliance. If something is no longer working, it needs to be flagged as electrical faults are a safety risk.

Call in the experts

Some things are best left to the professionals, and relocating specialist equipment is one of them. Grace provide tailored solutions to suit your company’s relocation needs. From specialist medical equipment, to valuable laboratory equipment and general IT equipment, you can trust us to provide a safe and secure solution for you.


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