Lab Relocations

pathologist preparing a sample for microscopic examination in a hospital lab

Relocating hospitals, medical facilities and specialist laboratories present some very unique challenges. When planning these complex moves, the preparation must take into account the large number of fragile accessories such as glassware, chemicals, live cultures and specimens as well as sensitive equipment including speciality freezers and centrifuges.

Grace Workplace Solutions understands the best methodologies to use and have developed a number of innovative procedures to manage the entire process of moving such challenging facilities. By working closely with the client and site managers, they plan every step of the specialist removals process from packing to delivery. This ensures not only all laboratory contents are protected during transit, but also the entire process is efficiently handled to achieve minimal interruption to operations.

By selecting the right partner who pays close attention to your requirements, you can be assured every part of the move is well thought out and meticulously planned with all possible challenges having been considered and taken into account. Their active involvement means they transfer your equipment safely, and can also assist with the fit-out and installation of your equipment at the new location.

Contact Grace Business Services today to find out how the can assist with planning and implementing your next medical facility and lab relocation project.


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