A new financial year is the perfect time to take control of your records

A new financial year is the perfect time to take control of your records

EOFY, perfect time to take control of your records

Take control of your records this new financial year. Digitisation enhances accessibility, allowing you to present your records to a broader audience, especially with the rise of hybrid workplaces and remote work.

By taking control of your records, you ensure their identification, preservation, and easy accessibility when needed. Additionally, non-essential records can be securely destroyed in a timely manner.

Take advantage of our EOFY offer for various projects, such as:

EOFY 2024

All types of digitisation projects, including:

Records management projects
EOFY 2024

Always more and quality assured.

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EOFY 2024

Digital Mailroom

Our Digital Mailroom solution, allows you to manage and automate the classification of incoming documents and correspondence (paper and emails) without pre-sorting and automatically capture accurate, relevant and validated metadata.

EOFY 2024

Catalogue & indexing

Leave the organisation to us. Our trained specialists manage cataloguing and sentencing projects of all sizes, with pinpoint accuracy, to capture data and appraise records according to relevant disposal authorities.

EOFY 2024

Data capture

We specialise in forms recognition and software applications, including: OCR (Optical Character Recognition), ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) and OMR (Optical Mark Recognition).

Quality assured

EOFY 2024
EOFY 2024

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