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GDO is a smarter way to welcome guests and manage their data, ensuring your front desk creates a winning first impression

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GDO Visitor Management

GDO is a smarter way to welcome guests and manage their data, ensuring your front desk creates a winning first impression.

The GDO, powered by ELO, optimises your visitor management process, providing a positive and professional guest experience, from the creation of custom visitor badges to personalised welcome screens. You can take full control of visitor access and processes, managing and analysing visitor data in a timely manner to best track who is coming and going from your building.

Streamline workflows through the capture and management of visitor data with out intuitive software tool. The wide range of functions available through the GDO Visitor Management tool allows you to make a lasting impression on partners and guests, as Grace understands the best advertisement is satisfied customers.

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Solutions at a Glance

Visitor Tracking

  • View visitor statistics within the dashboard
  • Review visitor information such as reason for visit and current status
  • Filter visitors by those signed in, those who have left and those who are still expected
  • View visitor schedules in an integrated calendar, including by day, month and year
  • Colour coding for at a glance understanding
  • Generate reports and statistics

ELO Visitor Management Dashboard

Customised Visitor Badges

  • Use existing templates to create and print personalised guest badges
  • Capture visitor photos with a connected webcam
  • Customise the layout and data you want to include
  • Barcoded badge for quick sign-out
  • Reminder function for visitors who forget to sign-out

Custom Welcome Screen

  • Create personalised on-screen welcome messages for visitors
  • Numerous configuration options to best reflect your company
  • User data automatically imported from GDO
  • Screening window for welcome message customisable
  • Welcome screen optimised for TV screens and tablet devices

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