Digitisation solutions for all tiers of government

The Digital Continuity 2020 Policy provides a framework for the Australian Government regarding digitisation and the future of their records management processes. As, arguably, the largest information management challenge the public sector has ever faced, the looming deadline has government agencies racing to resolve their information management issues.

Grace offer tailored solutions that comply with all national and international regulations. We rapidly convert paper archives into a variety of digital formats and make these files available through intuitive systems that can be precisely customised to your agency’s needs.

Interoperability for agencies

Not only are government agencies required to digitise their record management processes, this needs to be done in a way which supports information sharing across various information resources and assets. A key goal of the Policy is inter-agency sharing and interoperability, allowing various departments to work together seamlessly and share vital information cleanly.

This improved interoperability can pose a risk in regards to data security, as increased data volumes and sharing can result in increased opportunities for breaches. Grace’s solutions optimise information management in line with current data security guidelines, including the Protective Security Policy Framework. As market leaders, we remain aware of changing needs and future digitisation milestones to adapt our services to meet client needs.


Strong security and privacy

Data security and the privacy of sensitive information is a key concern for any government agency during the digitisation process. While these are valid concerns, the right software, setup and overarching management solution can prevent these security concerns from becoming problems. Grace’s information management solutions are compliant with relevant legislative requirements and understand your obligations under various regulations, including the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme.

Our comprehensive information management services ensure your confidentiality, from physical transportation through to storage. Grace operates an entirely company owned fleet, with all our trucks having GPS monitoring, so we know where your records are from the moment we collect them. While in storage, your archives are protected by 24/7 CCTV surveillance, fire suppression and onsite security. Our electronic inventory and tracking services provide you with another layer of transparency and greater peace of mind.

Our secure chain of custody spans the country and includes client-anonymous indexing systems to preserve your confidentiality. Our innovative solutions allow for real-time tracking of your documents from anywhere in the world. We effectively manage the secure transportation, archiving and destruction of your documents, according to pre-determined schedules or on demand as you need.

Download our report, The Challengers of Change, for more information and discover how better information management could benefit your agency.
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