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Communication is the most critical element of any business industry. Regardless of who you are communicating with (banks, customers, suppliers) or what form (mail, telephone, email)- as a business you want to ensure communication is efficient, timely and happens with ease.

While email dominance has definitely made its mark in the workplace, postal mail will always have a crucial place and like most other business services there is an internal debate: do we keep the mailroom in-house our do we outsource? If you are receiving five letters per day and the mail is delivered straight to your office, then keeping in-house would be the best allocation of resources. However if you are finding that your in-house mailroom is taking away from your core business and adding to employee time allocation, it may no longer be viable to keep mailroom service in-house.

Below are five benefits of outsourcing your mailroom service to Grace Information & Records Management:

  1. Save money and free up resources- when you select to outsource your mailroom service to Grace there are substantial savings, which you can re-invest back into your company.
  2. Save time- not only will you be saving employee time of physically opening, categorising and delivering mail to appropriate person within the company, but Grace works very closely with your local Australia Post to work out the best PO Box Collection time, ensuring you receive your mail closest to the time it arrives at the local post office.
  3. Arrives to you already sorted- during the initial set up phase Grace works meticulously with your company to define how you would like your mail sorted. Grace then devises specialised sorting categorises such as scanning, workflow application, dispatch, storage at a Grace facility, return-to-sender or secure destruction, of course Grace has the flexibility to tailor these categorise as your business needs change.
  4. Tailored to your digital workplace – the Grace team are experts in offering integrated workflow solution that meets the needs of your company. We will develop an app integration to ensure your mail arrives exactly where you want it on your system.
  5. Ensure accuracy – our mailroom services are run by highly trained staff, who are experts in looking for the finer details, a luxury most businesses can’t afford, and offering you a best-practice information management system for business communication.

Call Grace today to find out how we can tailor our mailroom services to meet the demands of your organisation, allowing you to better control your valuable business communication.