Fine art storage

How does Temperature and Humidity Affect Fine Art?

For many years, museums and galleries have been monitored by conservationists who sought to prevent damage to fine art caused by humidity and temperature changes. As a result, museums have kept everything at approximately 21 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit) and 55 per cent relative humidity. This has been helped with mechanical air-conditioning, heating and … Continued
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Donate Your Unwanted Items to Vinnies

If you’re moving house during the festive season, you’ve probably noticed that you have quite a bit of unwanted, good quality items lying around. Moving house is the perfect time to declutter, but with so much involved in the process of relocating, selling it or finding it a new home can be time consuming, stressful … Continued
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Fine art

How to Store Fine Art During Summer’s Heat

Summer’s intense heat doesn’t just cause our garden to dry out, it can also severely damage your fine art while in storage. Your fine art is valuable so it makes sense that you do what you can to protect it. Here are a few extra measures you can take to ensure your fine art is … Continued
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Spare furniture

Top 5 Tips to Storing Your Spare Furniture

Spare furniture is a great asset to have during the holiday season and for parties, but for the majority of the year, it gets in the way. That’s where Grace Self Storage comes in handy. We provide a convenient and easy solution to declutter your home of spare furniture. So, now that you’ve ordered your … Continued
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security of data

Understanding data restoration

Data restoration refers to the process of retrieving the inaccessible, lost or corrupted data from your storage, media or files. The data that you restore is then saved to a desktop, laptop, server or external storage system. How data restoration works Data restoration or recovery differs depending on how the data was lost and how … Continued
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How to Future Proof Your Archive

In the rapidly changing digital world, it’s hard to know exactly what’s going to happen to archive management in the future. However, there are a few easy things you can do in your information management approach to ensure your archives are protected for future technological advancements. Update your data formats One of the future threats … Continued
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employee mobility overseas

Pros and Cons of Relocating in the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a very popular time to move house, but does that make it the best time for you to relocate for an international assignment? We’ve weighed up the pros and cons of relocating overseas for work during the holiday season so you can make sure you make the right decision. Pros  Time … Continued
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