Making the transition to digital information management

While paper-based systems may seem practical within the construction sector, it still possesses risks. From impractical filing processes and misplaced records to the subsequent need to recreate what has been lost, paper records are not always easier. When you take into account the need for various companies, contractors and staff members to access, share and store information, digital seems the logical solution to optimising information workflows.

Solutions such as the Grace Digital Office provides a single source of truth for your information. With mobile accessibility, data can be reviewed and updated from the worksite, all in real time. While paper formats allow for in-person collaboration and project visualisation, the delay in sharing information can hinder work units in functioning independently. A digital solution allows approved personnel to access files as they need, while still collaborating with people in various teams.

Digitising and securing your project information

Adjusting to a digital system may seem more trouble than it’s worth, but an external, cloud-based system for the storage of records and documents actively enhances information neutrality. This allows work units to operate more independently while drawing data from real-time systems, rather than relying on disparate sources working on an information delay.

Digitisation will not only increase information sharing and streamline business workflows, it also prevents data loss. Sentencing schedules prevent the loss or accidental deletion of business critical data and cloud-based solutions provide several layers of security to protect records from theft.

Grace provides a completely customisable digitisation and transition solution, tailoring this to your unique business needs to minimise challenges such as significant staff retraining and drops in productivity.


Helping your organisation meet its compliance requirements

As one of the most highly regulated industries, the construction industry is overseen by the Australian Building and Construction Commission, who has the power to impose severe penalties on non-compliant companies and investigate suspected breaches of best practice. Effective records management and proper indexing ensures information is clear, transparent and accessible.

Retention obligations and compliance with set document destruction dates is difficult when companies are unsure of what their archives contain. A simple investment in Grace information management can save you time and money as we handle the secure management, archiving, storage and destruction needs of your company.

Download our report, Bricks & Data, for more insight on the most serious information management problems that are likely to arise in the construction industry and how to overcome these challenges.
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