Data Cleanse and Classification

Data minimisation, classification, migration and control

Grace is pleased to offer the market leading data governance software, ActiveNav as part of an integrated program to address ungoverned data risk mitigation and control. ActiveNav effectively and efficiently tackles the common challenges of uncontrolled data growth, complying with evolving privacy laws and identification of both the location and usage of unstructured data prevalent in organisations of all sizes.

Grace can help you save on cost and enhance data quality using ActiveNav to prepare content for migration to Grace Digital Office or other contemporary document management systems including Microsoft Sharepoint. The following four stages are critical steps in the transformation to successful content governance.


Discovery and reporting delivers a clear understanding of what information currently exists: volumes of data, its breakdown, key topics and any ROT. Discovery results can be explored, drilled into and exported to ensure you know exactly what information you have.

Data Cleansing

Actions remove ROT in bulk, based on default rule sets and customisable policies. This includes analytics and tools to examine and remediate duplicates both across and between repositories. In file shares, more than 30% of content is often removed at this stage.


Files containing leaked personally identifiable information, protective markings and other sensitive data are identified and classified across discovered content. Structured review workflows, mark-up, actions and Audit trails provide a defensible path to their remediation.

Tag and Organise

Legacy content is often ‘chaotic’ with poor organisation and little or no metadata. ActiveNav Discovery Center extracts new, consistent metadata and can define more meaningful filing structures. The results can be reviewed and refined before they are mapped to a new repository for direct migration or via a third-party tool.

Data Cleanse and Classification
Data Cleanse and Classification
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